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Educating a child is the first and the most prominent step towards breaking the cycle of poverty. Education closes the gap in social inequality.

Educating a child provides stability to their life and to the future world. Nelson Mandela once said, โ€œEducation is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the worldโ€.

By making a donation to support education you will be creating social equality and economic stability for their future.

Our program is focused on visiting rural/ hard to reach, communities with a mobile โ€˜classroomโ€™ that provides children with a novel, interactive way of learning. An environment that is very different from conventional school this method reaches them at their home communities and helps them to learn in a fun and memorable manner.

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$100 – can cover the transport for mobile school for a month
$185 – can fund the Street children Lessons program for a month
$30 – can provide staple educational supplies for a child

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