Health and Nutrition.


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For a child, to maintain a healthy life, a proper nutritional meal intake is mandatory. According to UNICEF, in Sri Lanka, 39% of the children do not consume any iron-rich foods. Many children in the country do not have access to a proper meal or even a glass of milk a day. This is causing many children to suffer from malnutrition at an early stage of life.

At Child Action Lanka, we ensure that children under our care are provided with at least a healthy lunch. We promote healthy habits to the children and parents and provide the children with quality health care. Through thorough monitoring we ensure all our children at our centres under the age of 5 have a steady growth and do not face malnourishment.

A childโ€™s diet can have a huge impact of their health throughout adolescence and adult life. Food that contains important nutrients helps children grow and it also helps to stabilize their energy, mind development and better control over their behavior and moods and maintain a healthy weight. Better eating habits can help to prevent depression, anxiety, ADHD and it is the step in giving children better education and happier childhood.

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$15 – can provide daily healthy meals to keep one child from going hungry for a month.
$160 – can provide daily healthy meals to keep one child from going hungry for a year.
$10 – can provide groceries to one family for a week.
$65 – provides one child access to quality health care services for a year

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