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Due to the current economic crisis children from low income families in Sri Lanka are at the risk of dying through malnutrition-related causes. At CAL we are working towards ensuring that no child goes hungry and preventing malnutrition among children in Sri Lanka.

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As an extension of our projects in relation to Health and Nutrition and to provide solutions for the current danger of malnutrition among children, we have decided to extend our reach and help not only the children under our care but also to help the most vulnerable children that are most affected by the current food crisis in the country. At this crucial juncture, we aim to provide 250,000 cups of milk for a selected group of children from all 9 provinces of Sri Lanka.
Phase One: 10,000 cups of milk distributed in Kandy
Phase two : 70,000 cups of milk will be distributed in 7 districts
Phase Three: 170,000 cups of milk to be distributed in the remaining 17 districts

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$1 can provide 3 cups of milk