Stand with her


Child Action Lanka provides safe homes for victims of domestic violence and offers protection, refuge, and empowers them to face the future. We embark on many projects along with these survivors to help them get their life back and become independent.


In order to help these women take control of their life back we conduct many projects to empower them. Our projects such as ‘WRAP’ which up cycles old sarees into beautiful items such as scarves, shawls, bags etc., and the De-Hydration project provides much-needed funds to support these women and to give them a chance to reclaim their lives. It also gives these women an opportunity to learn new skills required to manufacture such products.

More Details

$200 – can help her to start up a local business
$100 – can help pay rent for one family for one month
$100 – can help to conduct an awareness program for 25 women on Family planning and protection
$100 – can help to conduct an awareness program for 25 women on health, hygiene and nutrition
$100 – can provide one de-hydration machine
$65 – Provides Counseling and Therapy for one month for her
$100 – provides financial aid to provide safety and legal counsel for women in need for a month
$100 – provides her access to quality health care services for a year