Safe House


We at CAL have stepped up our efforts to help the children who are possibly at risk from violence or abuse in their homes. During the lock down time in 2020 our safe house proved to be more vital now than ever. Our ‘Safe Home’ and rescue team works towards bringing these vulnerable children to safety.


Children are not only vulnerable to threats from outsiders but among those that live on the streets and in slum areas, the children are more vulnerable to the dangers from their own family members and surrounding neighbors.  At CAL we work towards identifying children in such conditions and take action to bringing them to safety. Our safe houses therefore play a major role in bringing back safety and security in into their lives of these children.

More Details

$315 – can cover the cost of employees at a safe house for one month
$100 – can fund an awareness program for 20 families
$100 – can fund the Children’s Clubs at one CAL center for a month
$100 – can provide training to a case worker
$260 – provides legal counsel for one case for a year
$15 – can provide utilities cost of a safe house for one month
$300 – provides a safe house for one child for a year