Computer/Technology – IT


One lesson that Covid-19 has taught us is the importance of access to the internet and knowledge of IT. At our centers we take every step that we can to stimulate the minds of these amazing kids with knowledge and understating in this area. We also try to keep up with the changing technologies because today technology is everything.


Kids from privileged communities have access to gain from technology therefore we at CAL try to use what we have at our disposal to bring this advantage to the underprivileged children so they too can have the opportunity to learn in a modern way and add value to their leaning experiences. This is essential in decreasing the knowledge gap between children from different income classes.

More Details

$342 – can fund the Mobile English and Computer school for a month
$ 100 – can provide the fees for a computer teacher for a month
$420 – provides a laptop for the children at the center
$25 – provides internet access for the children at the center for one month